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MPF Gala 2021MPF Gala 2021

The Messenger Newsletter

pdf Fall 2021 Messenger Newsletter

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  • Letter from the CEO, Mary Sue Lanigan
  • Research Update from Dr. Roger Alibin
  • Sean Francis by Dr. Catherine Dowling
  • Financial Assistance for Respite Care
  • Support Group Listings
  • Exercise Schedule
  • Fall/Winter Education Program
  • A Night of Promise for Parkinson's Gala
  • In Memoriam, Board of Directors, Professional Advisory Board
  • 2021 Walk for Parkinson
  • Speak Out Live
  • Meet Zehra Farzal, MD - Foundation News
  • Support Group Facilitator Training - My Nunna Has Parkinsons
  • Donation Report

pdf Spring 2021 Messenger Newsletter Popular

  • Meet Alison Chance
  • Parkinson Caregiver Education Program
  • Your Safe Driving Checkup
  • Social Security Disability Claim
  • The 35th Annual Parkinson's Summer Forum
  • Meet Dr. Dorin Z. Deitch
  • The Importance of Exercise in Parkinson's Disease
  • Support Group Update
  • Research at U of M
  • 2021 Fundraisers
  • Farewell's

pdf Winter 2020 Messenger Newsletter Popular

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  • Telemedicine in the time of COVID
  • Parkinson Exercise classes offered via Zoom
  • DBS Care in the Time of COVID
  • Winter Education Programs
  • In Memory Of
  • Pain in Parkinson's Disease: Prevalent Yet Poorly Understood
  • Undergraduate Students Take on Falls in The Home
  • Motor City UpBeats Therapeutic Choir
  • 2020 "I Gave My Sole for Parkinson's" Walk Events
  • Support Group Updates
  • Partnership, Collaboration, Innovation, Teamwork
  • Mobility Equipment Program
  • Welcome Gary Gavin

pdf Summer 2020 Messenger Newsletter Popular

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  • I Found My Purpose by Joe Staub
  • Parkinson Exercise Classes Offered Online
  • What's New in Parkinson disease - locally and everywhere else
  • 2020 "I Gave My Sole for Parkinson's" Walk Events
  • Medicare and Medicaid: Making Sense of Your Options
  • Found Memories and Sad Farewell

pdf Spring 2020 Messenger Newsletter Popular

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  • Research Update: International Parkinson & Movement Disorder Society
  • Clinical Trials for Parkinson Research through QUEST Research Institute
  • Meet Toni Talbot, Advocate for Exercise
  • The Victory Summit: Parkinson's Support Symposium Online Educational Experience
  • Victory Summit Speaker Spotlight
  • 2020 Metro Detroit Parkinson Walk presented by Tom and Carol Cracchiolo
  • MPF's Legal Program
  • Spring Programs

pdf Winter 2019-2020 Messenger Newsletter Popular

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  • Ten Tips for Maintaining an Optimal Quality of Life while living with Parkinson's
  • Fighting Parkinson's Together
  • Pushing All the Right Buttons
  • Adaptive Yoga for Parkinson's
  • Psychosis and Hallucinations in Parkinson's
  • I Gave My Sole for Parkinson's 2019 Fall Walk Events
  • The Everybody Vs. Parkinson's Gala
  • In Loving Memory
  • Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery (DBS) - A Treatment for Parkinson's disease

pdf 2019 Spring Messenger Popular

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  • Driving and Parkinson's
  • MPF Support Group News
  • Support Group Meeting Location Changes
  • Virtual Support Group
  • Taking Care of the Care Partner
  • 2019 Metro Detroit Walk
  • Team Up to FIght Parkinson's
  • Wake Up Your Body
  • 2019 Symposium Agenda
  • 2019 Patient Edication Programs
  • Lewy Body Dementia
  • Meet Bisens Bulica, D.O.
  • What's New in PD Research

pdf 2018 Winter Messenger Popular

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  • An Update on Rescue Therapies for Parkinson's Diseases
  • Clinical Research Update
  • A Parkinson's Support Group Is...
  • Virtual Support Group
  • I Gave My Sole for Parkinson's
  • Special Mention: Youngest Heroes from Metro Detroit Walk
  • Save the Dates for MPF's 2019 Walk Events
  • The Small Steps, Big Strides for Parkinson's Gala
  • Speak Out! & The Loud Crowd!
  • 2019 Patient Education Programs
  • Thank You Sponsors
  • Cannabis and Parkinson's Disease

pdf 2018 Spring Messenger Popular

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  • The Latest in Nutrition and Parkinson’s disease
  • Save the Date
  • Beyond Medications for Parkinson disease: Exercise and Mobility Aids
  • PD Awareness Month
  • Virtual Awareness Month
  • Meet Jeanne Merchant
  • Treating, Managing and Living with Parkinson’s disease Symposium
  • Volunteer Corner
  • GABA-A a New Avenue in PD Research
  • Living with & Understanding Parkinson disease
  • Please Consider a Donation

pdf 2017 Winter Messenger Popular

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  • Smell Loss in Parkinson's disease Research Project
  • Does Dysfunctional BDNF Limit Remodeling the Aged Parkinsonian Striatum?"
  • Farewell to MPF board member Ron Slyter
  • Volunteer Corner
  • Making the Turn Against Parkinson's Scholarship Award
  • 2017 Fundraising Events
  • Excessive Sweating in Parkinson disease
  • Memoria
  • Support Group Updates

pdf 2017 Fall Messenger Popular

  • Jeff Laethem, President of Ray Laethem Motor Village, elected to Chair the Michigan Parkinson Foundation
  • A Golden Anniversary to Celebrate – Levodopa and Parkinson’s disease
  • The Value of Volunteering
  • Are You Recently Diagnosed with Parkinson's?
  • Support Group Update
  • 2017 Annual Facilitator Training in Bay City
  • In Memoria
  • 2017 Lansing “I Gave My Sole for Parkinsons” -- NEW LOCATION!
  • 2017 Metro Detroit “I Gave My Sole for Parkinson’s”
  • Meet Jennifer Traver, 2017 Metro Detroit Walk Honoree
  • 2017 Symposiums

pdf 2016 Fall Messenger Popular

  • Passing of the Baton
  • Progress and Parkinson's Disease
  • Annual Facilitator Training
  • What are Planned Gifts?
  • Redifining Success
  • MPF's First Moon River Cruise
  • St. Clair Shores and Northville 2016 Walkathon
  • Thank you, Volunteers
  • Filling in the Blanks

pdf 2016 Spring Messenger Popular

  • Exciting things are happening in Michigan
  • Board of Directors annual election
  • Professional Advisory Board (PAB) update
  • Upcoming Walkathon
  • Michigan Support Groups
  • A Night of a Thousand Stars 2015 recap
  • Symposium 2016

pdf 2015 Fall Messenger Popular

  • Focusing on Parkinson's Research and Exercise Programs in Michigan
  • Educational Programs
  • Professional Advisory Board - New Members
  • Traverse City Summer Forum
  • Michigan Support Groups
  • Exercise and Movement Programs
  • Fundraising 

pdf 2015 Summer Messenger Popular

  • Development of Legal Resources for People with Parkinson's Disease in Michigan
  • Board of Directors - New Member
  • Professional Advisory Board - New Members
  • Staying Current with the Michigan Parkinson Foundation
  • New Website Design Coming Soon
  • Educational Programs
  • Michigan Support Groups
  • 2015 Eastside and Westside Walkathons and 5K Runs

pdf 2014 Summer Messenger Popular

  • Finding Prescription Medication Resources
  • Message from the Chairman, Dr. Edwin B. George, MD, PhD
  • Message from the Chair of the Professional Advisory Board (PAB)
  • Get Your Medications on Time!
  • Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease: Focusing on Intensity
  • I Gave My Sole For Parkinson’s Walk-a-thons & 5K Runs, St. Clair Shores and Northville June 7 and 8, 2014
  • Upcoming Walk-a-thons
  • A Night of a Thousand Stars
  • Summer Soulstice
  • Making the Turn Against Parkinson’s 2nd Annual Golf Outing
  • Parkinson's Disease and Balance
  • Dance and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Boost Yourself with a Little Creativity

pdf 2014 Winter Messenger Popular

  • MR-guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery FAQs
  • Looking Far and Wide for Clues of Parkinson's Disease
  • Message from the CEO and Board Chairman
  • Caring for the Caregiver (Part 2)
  • Fundraising for Parkinson's
  • Upcoming Events
  • Support Groups and Updates
  • An Argument for Early Intervention in PD
  • How to Select an Exercise Program
  • Educational Programs

pdf 2013 Summer-Fall Messenger Popular

pdf 2013 Spring-Winter Messenger Popular

  • The Good Days and Bad Days of Parkinson’s Disease
  • MPF Board News
  • Celebrating 30 Years!
  • New Support Groups Being Formed
  • Considering the Care Giver
  • Lawsuit Settlement Protects Home-Nursing Care for Chronic Illness
  • I Gave My Sole for Parkinson’s
  • 2013 Walk-a-thon and 5K Run
  • Support Groups
  • Fundraising for Parkinsons
  • Night of a Thousand Stars
  • Educational Programs

pdf 2012 Summer Messenger Popular

  • Intraoperative MRI Deep Brain Stimulation Placement
  • Annual Facilitator Training
  • Elementary School Students learn about Parkinson Disease
  • A Support Group Near You!
  • An Apple a Day…
  • Filling In The Blanks
  • Bringing Parkinson’s Disease Awareness to the African American Community – A Family Affair

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